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Collaborative web-based tools and consulting to simplify strategy deployment and process management

PlanBase provides software, consulting, and training services to organizations looking to achieve strategic alignment and performance improvement. Our extensive experience allows your organization to benefit from leading edge practices integrated into our software platform and consulting offerings. PlanBase software can be implemented in a “Software as a Service” (SaaS) delivery model for rapid deployment and simplified management, resulting in lower cost of ownership. PlanBase also offers premise-based software implementations.

Our flagship products, PlanBase Hoshin and PlanBase Scorecard, transform data into information. The collaborative web-based platform brings transparency to strategy deployment and portfolio management, accountability to execution and visibility to progress. They equip executives, managers, and employees with the knowledge they need to achieve their strategic goals and deliver against performance targets. Seamlessly integrated the PlanBase Hoshin and Scorecard online platforms are leading edge tools to foster real-time collaboration, increase motivation and alignment, and ultimately deliver organizational success.

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