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Collaborative web-based tools and consulting to simplify strategy deployment and process management

PlanBase provides software, consulting, and training services to organizations looking to achieve strategic alignment and performance improvement. Our extensive experience allows your organization to benefit from leading edge practices integrated into our software platform and consulting offerings. PlanBase software can be implemented in a “Software as a Service” (SaaS) delivery model for rapid deployment and simplified management, resulting in lower cost of ownership. PlanBase also offers premise-based software implementations.

Our flagship products, PlanBase Hoshin and PlanBase Scorecard, transform data into information. The collaborative web-based platform brings transparency to strategy deployment and portfolio management, accountability to execution and visibility to progress. They equip executives, managers, and employees with the knowledge they need to achieve their strategic goals and deliver against performance targets. Seamlessly integrated the PlanBase Hoshin and Scorecard online platforms are leading edge tools to foster real-time collaboration, increase motivation and alignment, and ultimately deliver organizational success.

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What Our Clients Say...

"With PlanBase there is always someone available to help members of our organization. I'm very pleased with the support we receive, and all part of our user license fees which is great."

VP of Operations

Food Manufacturing

"Our board was very impressed with the results of the planning effort after partnering with PlanBase. They set our organization in a positive direction with a great tool for ensuring we are successful."

Director of Planning

Government Agency

"The PlanBase consulting team went above and beyond in delivering our company's strategic plan. The facilitation process was excellent and they even came back after a few months to help us with reviews. I would strongly recommend PlanBase to others."

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Government Agency

"PlanBase allowed us to move away from lengthy slide decks and presentations and run everything through the system. The time savings since we started using PlanBase have been significant."

Director of Policy Deployment

Higher Education Institution

"PlanBase is really helping us fire on all cylinders. Our CEO is impressed with the turnaround in our whole organization which I'm confident will produce significant benefits in the years to come. PlanBase really made this all come together for us."

Head of Strategic Projects

Public Services

"PlanBase went above and beyond in ensuring that our custom X-Matrix in the system matched how our leadership is comfortable running the business."

VP of Business Excellence

Engineering Design

"If you are looking for an elegant software reflection of your company's X-Matrix, PlanBase is the team to work with."

VP of Business Excellence

Engineering Design

"Transitioning to PlanBase was seamless. They imported all of our existing strategic plans and had them ready for the training sessions. Our company was up and running quickly and everyone was thrilled with the improved environment."

Operational Excellence Manager

Healthcare Services

"Our President is thrilled to see his vision deployed across the whole company and PlanBase really helped my small team bring it all together quickly. I can already see this increased use of PlanBase positively impacting our entire business."

Plant Manager

Construction Manufacturing

"PlanBase makes it easy to get the team on board with a standard reporting style and process. Now I have more time to focus on the improvement projects themselves rather than administrating."

Continuous Improvement Manager

Medical Technology

"I can't imagine ever managing my strategic plans and large improvement projects any other way than through PlanBase. The PlanBase team has been great to work with."

Director of Policy Deployment

Consumer Manufacturing

"PlanBase has been very accommodating to our request for custom features. Partnering with PlanBase makes my team and I look good among our peers. PlanBase has really made it easy for us to shine."

Head of Strategic Planning

Industrial Engineering

"After bringing PlanBase to our team I've been able to free up a full FTE who used to be the "data guy" making slides and gathering numbers. Now he is focused on process improvement projects, all managed in PlanBase of course."

Plant Manager

Industrial Engineering

"Our organization transitioned from a competing product that fell short of our needs. The PlanBase team was very helpful in converting my plans from our not so intuitive platform into the PlanBase environment. We'll likely be partners for many planning cycles."

VP Strategic and Business Development

Aerospace Industry

"The best part of PlanBase has been the responsiveness of the team in listening to user feedback regarding updates and improvements to the tool - much more so than other software packages I've used."

Director of Business Excellence

Medical Technology

"We looked at a number of providers for planning and dashboard software and were pleased to select PlanBase. The support PlanBase provides and the consulting we have access to for learning industry best practices are invaluable."

VP Strategic and Business Development

Aerospace Industry

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