Hoshin Features

Hoshin Features & Benefits

Vision Delegate Cascade Approve


Organization Alignment

When the Leadership Team sets the direction, the organization can be seen to engage and align in real-time, with cascading strategies and metrics, to deliver on the goals. The automated, rapid, and visual plan development dramatically shortens the time from ideas to implementation.

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Strengthen Engagement and Accountability

Ownership Accountability Corrective Action


Engagement & Accountability

With defined and transparent responsibilities, people show increased buy-in, cooperation, and contribution. Detailed and supporting actions with specific timeframes by person, function, and entity are clear for all to see. Automated roll up of progress and issues encourages owners to proactively detail corrective actions ahead of formal review meetings. This increased accountability enables the Leadership Team to focus on supporting the owners of the corrective actions to ensure success.

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Realize Visible Progress and Time Savings

Track, Review, Improve


Visible Progress & Time Savings

The plan comes alive in the system as execution commences. There is no need to wait until formal review meetings to see progress. Intuitive navigation means progress to be viewed real-time, in an automated, color coded, visual management approach. There is no need to spend time creating and revising slides and spreadsheets. The standardized format, requiring less than 30 seconds to update, means the time is spent on execution and progress, and the status is communicated instantly across the organization.

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Additional PlanBase Hoshin Features

Automated and Timely Alerts Keep Your Organization on Track
Alerts, in the form of in-system messages and emailed notifications, are delivered to users at just the right time (when a plan review is overdue, a metric update upcoming, or a tactic has been assigned, etc.) helping to facilitate a streamlined plan tracking process.
Fully Integrated Strategic Plans and Scorecards Align Operational Metrics with Long Term Improvements
PlanBase Hoshin, integrated with PlanBase Scorecard, enables connectivity between ongoing metric management (Business Fundamentals) and strategic initiatives targeting key long term metric improvements.
Your Planning System, Your Terms
PlanBase is configured to use any set of planning terminology to support all organization’s styles and practices. Call a top level initiative a “Breakthrough Goal”? So will your instance of PlanBase. Lower level tactics referred to as “Action Plans” at your organization? PlanBase can support that.
Create Standardized Plan Templates
Consistency of approach is the key to repeatable positive results. PlanBase supports the creation of standardized plan components that can be “cloned” and deployed elsewhere within a plan.
View All Your Outstanding Reviews in One Place
Get back your meeting minutes and focus on execution with the My Reviews screen in PlanBase. The PlanBase My Review screen can be delivered straight to your smart phone, tablet, or computer and brings all of your outstanding reviews together on one page. Reviews are conducted with a single click on the same view. PlanBase makes it easy to track and maintain strategic plans across the organization.

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