Security Statement

How PlanBase Secures Your Organization’s Data

Security considerations have strongly influenced every aspect of PlanBase application design, development, deployment, maintenance, access, and data retention. All PlanBase servers, for our temporary trial and contracted customers, leverage industry leading technology to ensure the security of your data.

All access and work within your PlanBase application (not just the login) is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and a certificate signed by Verisign/Norton. The PlanBase dedicated data center machinery is SOC1 and SOC2 certified and all servers are protected by both hardware and software firewalls and monitored 24×7.  These layers of protection ensure that your data is kept secure and accessible only to the registered PlanBase users in your organization.

PlanBase conducts regular backups of customer data for retrieval purposes only. All backup data is encrypted before leaving the server using AES-256 (the same standard used for government “Top Secret” data protection). All backup media is encrypted again using AES-256, and stored in a secure, temperature-controlled location.

Highlights of PlanBase Security Practices

  • All data is transferred between customers and PlanBase servers through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).
  • PlanBase is EU-US Privacy Shield certified to keep your personal information secure, and to ensure that it is used only for the purpose for which it was collected.
  • Dedicated hardware and separate environments for customers and prospects partition user groups.
  • Powerful permissions within PlanBase Hoshin and Scorecard give you fine-grained control of who can view or edit your data.
  • Data continuity: backups are taken regularly, encrypted multiple times with a strong, modern algorithm, and stored securely and remotely.
  • Passwords are unrecoverable – they are never logged or stored in plain-text.
  • Email notifications for change of password or email address to notify user of a change.
  • System usage monitored closely by the PlanBase team to proactively identify and mitigate any threats to customer data.
  • Policies, procedures, hiring standards and training ensure that you and your data are always handled properly.

Please feel free to contact your PlanBase sales representative with any additional questions regarding the security of your data.