Your Custom X-Matrix in PlanBase

For some companies X-Matrix is an important part of their strategic planning and policy deployment process. Many companies have formulated their own version of this potentially complicated tool and are left to struggle with uncontrolled spreadsheets, version headaches and duplicated efforts.

The PlanBase system can automate your X-Matrix and eliminate these problems. We may already have your X-Matrix version in our library, but if not, we are more than happy to create yours in our system for you. We can adopt your way of rotating around your X-Matrix. We can customize labels and terms. We can add items as metrics, targets, functions etc. to your X-Matrix. We can even link your X-Matrix to an automated dashboard so that you can see progress as it happens. And if at any time you want to switch to the linear cascade model, one click will take you to the alternate view for reviewing and editing.

If the X-Matrix approach is a must for your organization, contact us to see how we can make it dynamic and automated for you. We cannot cover all customizations here so if the X-Matrix is important to you and you want to know more about how families can match your templates, terminology, and process contact us today, share your X-Matrix template and see it come alive in the PlanBase system.