Collaborative web-based tools to enhance metric management

PlanBase Scorecard provides a comprehensive metric management system that tracks operational metrics and key performance indicators while linking the metrics on your dashboards to strategic plan objectives in PlanBase Hoshin. This connection between metrics and strategic objectives, fully automated through PlanBase’s integrated platform, optimizes continuous improvement efforts to enable process advancement whenever progress is required.

PlanBase Scorecard, and its intuitive click-and-go design, promotes active engagement through visibility and responsibility across the team. Every scorecard (or bowler chart) is assigned an owner, driving accountability to every level of the organization. Managers, direct reports, and co-workers can view performance on customized real-time visual dashboards. The set of visual management tools provides comparisons to past performance and future targets in a meaningful way enabling informed management decisions.

Similar to PlanBase Hoshin, the fully integrated Scorecard application is adopted quickly throughout organizations, encouraging immediate process improvement efforts. Start your organization on a path to enhanced process management with a live demonstration by a member of the PlanBase team of experts and start your free-trial today.