What Others Say About PlanBase Hoshin and Scorecard

Medical Technology, Europe

“After learning the process for Hoshin planning using a traditional paper-based approach, I had the opportunity to use several software-based packages including PlanBase. PlanBase really soothed out the whole x-matrix portion of Hoshin to the point of being seamless for training new executives on its use. The tie to Balanced Scorecard management and metric development made PlanBase a go-to tool for me.

Perhaps the best ‘user’ focused part of PlanBase has been the responsiveness of the team in listening to user feedback regarding updates and improvements to the tool – much more so than other software packages I’ve used. PlanBase really embodies the continuous improvement mindset!”

Food Manufacturing, United States

As the local SuperUser I’m a focal point for questions from my company’s users and, while the application is very much click-and-go in its design, if I do have questions I know who I can call and get an answer right away.
We’re also adding users to PlanBase in small groups.
My support contact is always willing and able to provide training to these new groups and get them started with the basics which is valuable and makes my job easier knowing everyone has been trained similarly.
The ShowMe videos really help to fill in any new user on more advanced topics but PlanBase is generally very easy to use.
I’m very pleased with the support we receive, and all part of our user license fees which is great.”

Government Agency, United States

“The PlanBase consulting team went above and beyond in delivering our company’s strategic plan.
The facilitation process, over the course of 2 weeks, was excellent as each of the managers met with the consultant and pulled together a set of necessary and sufficient strategies and action plans to deliver on our long term goals.
By crafting appropriate metrics for the near term as well as long run, together we built a framework for measuring our success going forward.
Watching the plan grow as it was deployed across the company in the PlanBase system was inspiring as we could see everyone pick up their piece of the plan and build it out.

PlanBase also came back after a few months to help us with the reviews process which firmly cemented the PlanBase approach for strategic planning within our organization. Our board was very impressed with the results of the planning effort after partnering with PlanBase.”

Higher Education, United States

“PlanBase really helps us align everyone in our company and give them a consistent template for communicating and reporting their progress. The email alerts keep everyone in the loop on what they are responsible for and make sure all our information is prepared before the management meetings. We have moved away from lengthy slide decks and presentations and run everything through the system. Between the Plan Status Report and the review commentary, presented side by side with relevant metric performance, our management team has everything we need to have productive discussions and make informed data driven decisions.”

Public Services, United States

“The PlanBase team was only supposed to work with us for a few days on-site, but their commitment to seeing us be successful with the platform has seen our partnership grow in time and scale.
Now everything runs through PlanBase, all of our metrics, department dashboards, project updates, everything.
We’ve really leveraged the most out of PlanBase’s many features, all because of our close working relationship with the PlanBase consulting team.
They are really helping us fire on all cylinders.
Our CEO is impressed with the turnaround in our whole organization which I’m confident will produce significant benefits in the years to come.
PlanBase really made this all come together for us.”

Medical Technology, Europe

“We use PlanBase Scorecard for tracking our KPI’s as well as the corrective action plans associated with our continuous improvement projects.
I used to lead the organization in these efforts with a spreadsheet and its really night and day now.
The batch loading of data, the web-based interface for providing reviews and updates from the team, the automated roll-ups, and the email alerts are all far beyond our former capabilities.
Now I have more time to focus on the improvement projects themselves rather than administrating.
PlanBase makes it easy to get the team on board with a standard reporting style and process.”

Engineering, India

“Our organization’s planning process was highly focused around the X-Matrix methodology and we had been looking for years for a provider that could match our specific approach.
PlanBase went above and beyond in ensuring that our custom X-Matrix in the system matched how our leadership is comfortable running the business.
They were very easy to work with, compared to many other providers who adopted a “take it or leave it” approach to their X-Matrix options.
PlanBase helped us convert all of our Excel based visuals to run live in PlanBase.
If you are looking for an elegant software reflection of your company’s X-Matrix, PlanBase is the team to work with.”

Healthcare Services, United States

“Getting started on the PlanBase platform is simple.
We just shared the list of the 200 new users within the strategic plan and the PlanBase team set up a series of training sessions to walk everyone through the basics.
I’m one of the SuperUsers so I received additional training for Scorecard setup and user management but it’s all quite straightforward.
I feel very confident knowing that all of my PlanBase users know how to conduct basic operations, the tasks required to perform their updates and build out their plans, and were able to pick it all up quite quickly.
PlanBase imported all of our existing strategic plans and had them ready to go for the training sessions.
It was really a seamless process.”

Construction Manufacturing, United States

“PlanBase has been a part of our organization’s strategic planning process for many years.
Everyone knows it and is well versed in its benefits but our CEO thought it’s use could be expanded beyond just the operations division.
We brought in PlanBase to help us restructure our planning efforts to include the whole organization, Sales, Marketing, Quality, R&D, etc.
The PlanBase consultant was highly experienced in Hoshin planning and was able to bring all of our efforts aligned under one plan.
The CEO is thrilled to have his vision deployed across the whole company and PlanBase really helped my small team and I bring it all together quickly.
I can already see this increased use of PlanBase positively impacting our entire business.”

Consumer Manufacturing, Mexico

“I started working with the PlanBase consulting team last year and they have been excellent to work with.
From helping me analyze my plant operations and building out appropriate metrics they enhanced my scorecard and tied it all together into my Hoshin plan.
After 6 months of getting everyone in my organization on board we are really humming along.
All reviews and metrics are updated on time and I have all the relevant information at my fingertips, from metric performance to corrective actions and how the annual plan is progressing.
I can’t imagine ever doing it another way without PlanBase.”

Industrial Engineering, Europe

“The PlanBase platform was 90% of what we needed to run our monthly reviews for our set of manufacturing sites.
Our management is very particular about the kinds of reports we use to communicate performance so we needed something very specific to migrate to PlanBase.
We were able to work with the PlanBase team to share our reports and our process which they replicated exactly as a custom feature.
Very accommodating to our requests, PlanBase has really helped to streamline our internal processes.
I’ve been able to free up a full FTE who used to be the “data guy” making slides and gathering numbers who is now focused on process improvement projects.
I look good, my team looks good, and PlanBase really made it easy for us to shine.”

Aerospace Industry, United States

“We looked at a number of providers for planning and dashboard software and were pleased to select PlanBase.
Finding the right system was important to our team so we focused more on features and security with price a secondary factor.
After securing a budget for a software system we were happy to learn that PlanBase’s price was easy to understand and far less than the most expensive option, making the selection obvious.
The support PlanBase provides, the peace of mind from our dedicated and secure instance that PlanBase maintains, and the consulting we have access to for learning industry best practices are excellent.
We’ll likely be partners for many planning cycles.”

Electronics Design and Manufacturing, North America

“Our organization transitioned from a competing product that fell short of our needs.
The PlanBase solution was easy to use and made deploying this year’s plan to our entire organization very straightforward.
With PlanBase I’m able to see how the whole team is performing at a glance and I know they appreciate the intuitive nature and design of the system.
The PlanBase team was very helpful in converting my plans from our archaic platform into the PlanBase environment as well as importing our data across.
The transition was seamless and we can all agree that company is better off.”

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